1. alex

    Seriously you guys, I’m fiiiiiiiiine. Get this girl some help ASAP

  2. She always smiles when her body is rejuvenated with the scent of food…

  3. JPC

    That injured leg might have taken her out of the running at Belmont, but at least it seems she’s taking it well.

  4. your mom

    Look at those thighs… what a cow. Someone call Jenny!!

  5. DeucePickle

    She has the legs of a Carrie Underwood but she also has the face of a Renee Zellwegger.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    New Brandi Lite – Same taste, half the calories

  7. Jill

    see? she doesn’t have an eating disorder. She has a wearing all her sweaters at once, in June, to hide the fact that she’s not eating disorder.

  8. The Brown Streak

    And never again could she visit the south. They kept trying to deep fry her legs.

  9. cc

    I can’t see, where’s ma cane?

  10. skidmark

    “whoa, where’d that breeze come from?! good thing I had weights installed in all of my shoes!”

  11. Buddy The Elf

    fucking NASTY.

    I dont think even Lohan’s breath is as gross as this one.

  12. sassy

    She’s just one tail and cutesy name away from becoming a My Little Pony: horse face, horse legs, and she’s even already been branded. Not to mention the number of rides she’s probably already given away…

  13. Raoul

    The smile says, “I’m HAPPY!” but being pulled down by the weight of a scarf just says, “Sad.”

  14. Blech

    Would not. And neither would the dude behind her.

  15. CranAppleSnapple

    The hoof covers really finish off the equine leg styling.

  16. quagmire

    that’s funny i think i saw brandy glanville looking about ten times hotter in ikat shorts just a week ago…

  17. spartacus

    D you think she’s so fat because she has a sedentary lifestyle or is it that she eats just soooo much lardy food?

  18. contusion

    I get mixed up between her eyes and her eyebrows.

  19. YoMamma

    Winter on top + summer on the bottom + fug purse = gross all the way around.

  20. BostonBruin

    She looks like a giant nose.

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