1. Looks like she’s gonna need my help carrying the luggage up them stairs.

  2. I would shake my head between those Maracas until they popped…

  3. MRF

    Grown Ups 2, indeed.

  4. Between her and the chick in the cheerleader costume last week, I suspect that the hotness of the women being cast is in inverse proportion to the quality of the comedy. Or, “Damn, this movie’s lame. Let’s get some tits up there so nobody notices.”

  5. The Old Man

    Ya. I’m gonna watch that one.

  6. Lita

    Tits McGee!

  7. Bonky

    Muy Caliente

  8. The Brown Streak

    I have to give her credit. Who knew Salma was still that tight?

  9. God put those there so she’s have a place to hide her cellphone…and her keys, and her lunch box, and her evening wrap, and…

  10. The Pope

    There better be an hours worth of deleted scenes on the blu ray just showing her walking up stairs.

  11. Something of mine just Grown Up 2.

  12. Fuck you, Kim Kardashian.

  13. navvet

    soft round pillows

  14. Blech

    Zoila is not pleased.

  15. EricLr

    The woman on the right is the structural engineer in charge of her bra.

  16. So. Effing. Hot.

  17. cutthecrap

    As a straight married woman with kids, even I would totally motorboat those!

  18. Boobs aside…they’re making a Grown Ups 2?…..

  19. Eliin321

    As as Lesbo Diablo K RICA YUM!

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