1. Everything about this guy is pure suck:

    George of the Jungle
    All of the Mummy movies
    Encino Man

  2. Oh… I’m having flashbacks to 8th grade and my “George of the Jungle” obsession. What a distant memory!

  3. On the one hand, he seems like a very nice person.. On the other, he looks like someone still on the short bus past the age of 40…

  4. MRF

    Mr. Belding 2.0

  5. MarkM

    “How do I keep getting acting jobs? Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa….I honestly have no idea!”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Whole Lotta Sole / Pile Of Carp

  7. Bonky

    I see they’re already casting for the role of “Plastic Man” for “Marvel’s The Avengers 2″.

    • EmmaWatson's Vagina

      plastic man is owned by DC comics. Marvel has Mr.Fantastic although it would be interesting to see Mr.Fantastic as an avenger.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Okay, who took his stapler?

  9. cc

    Is he on some sort of accelerated aging diet?

  10. gigi

    oh no Brendan… no….. ::sniff:: at least he’s happy…. :\

  11. Apparently he’s been in Ireland so long that he’s beginning to turn translucent like the natives are…

  12. The Pope

    I think we can safely remove Brendan Fraser from the list of celebrities that we think use botox.

  13. Buddy The Elf

    Had to go to Ireland to get invited to a premier, I see.

  14. wow, Tarantino looks like shit

  15. Raaaaaaaa

    i spy hairplugs

  16. CranAppleSnapple

    Cut your hair short, you jackass! The long straggly single hairs are the problem! Pretty soon he’ll be doing a comb-over.

  17. contusion

    Even Hair Club For Men is embarrassed by this.

  18. EricLr

    Is it wrong that I want him and Keanu Reeves to fight to the death for my amusement?

  19. BostonBruin

    “Whole lotta Sole Food”

  20. cutthecrap

    That’s just a whole lotta hell no!

  21. FattyMcGee

    Holy shit! Liam Neeson has really let himself go!

  22. This is his best work in years…

  23. Do you think The Joker’s had work done?

  24. Yeah, the bad movies are a bummer because I like the guy. He can actually act, but I think he just takes crappy movies for the easy pay to chill and hit the bong.

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