1. neo_v

    that purse is hiding the Jeter gift-bag

  2. What, are they remaking Boogie Nights? I should disapprove on general principle, but somehow, I can’t.

  3. Vic

    Minka Cankles

  4. cc

    I bet she’s dewy.

  5. Right this way, Ms. Kelly…you may leave your clothing on the chair right there.

  6. The Pope

    I’ve got the sudden urge for grape Jello. Do they make grape Jello?

  7. Forget the bible, this picture is proof that God exists!

  8. Bigalkie

    In situations like this I always think WWJD ( WHAT WOULD JETER DO )

  9. lily

    pretty face and hair but her body is so average and her thighs are huge

  10. mbcl

    she must be dating a Laker.

  11. Sorry, not a fan of this one. She never has done anything for me.

    Kelly Brook > Minka Kelly

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