1. Somehow, the former cast of 90210 seems “less gay”…

  2. Little Tongue

    “You leave my ass alone or else, you fake!”

  3. What a waste. A delicious slice of woman like Maria surrounded by men who have absolutely no interest in getting dat ass.

  4. Cock Dr

    Nice work coordinating the pastel underpants.

  5. “Dear Cory, this is how others see you. Please stop it.”

  6. The Greek goddess has the power to give gay men boners!

  7. Wow, I’ve never seen Anthony Kiedis this blonde

  8. Pride parade? Get out….

  9. Krazee Thug Nutz

    “Don’t toucha da Mango!” *Slap*

  10. So the Goddess of All That’s Right with the World is centered between two guys who want each other, rather than her. I guess there really isn’t a god after all.

  11. pepita

    val kilmer sure lost a lot of weight.

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