1. Who’s the boss now, bitch?

  2. Who’s the Boss now? Father Time.

  3. Schadenfreude

    Like a “Who’s the boss”!

  4. DoucheBagels


  5. omg wtf Ugly dress.

  6. not so great. you fixed your face, but showed us your armpit. :-P

  7. Heywood Jablomie

    Withered skin, whoopee!!

  8. Those are some beefy man hands.

  9. no dresses with cutouts after 70. sheesh.

  10. All those years ago she looked old but really wasn’t. Now she is old and she looks dead! Time is a harsh taskmaster.

  11. catapostrophe

    Richard Lewis started winning awards when he went blond and began dressing in white.

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