1. Is her body odor that bad? That’s the best she can do with a couple of months notice?

  2. Joe Blow

    Well, I guess it’s better that she’s with him instead of destroying another marriage.

  3. Breaking Amish?

  4. well he’s quite the uh, er, fuck it, he ugly.

  5. Jenn

    Isaac from Children of the Corn is still a creepy looking little shit.

  6. He looks like the bastard child of tennis greats Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert. He must have been cryogenically stored until 30 or so years ago while they waited for a cure for stupidity.

  7. When her friends finally broke down and told her to get a douche, they probably should have been more specific.

  8. blah

    This guy is reigning king of the Hipster-douche-clan. She is his average queen.

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