1. B&WMinstrel

    Now who says I can’t draw a face.

  2. something, something crypt-keeper, something, something.

  3. And the person closest to dead without going over is…

  4. ThisWillHurt

    And you thought Courtney Stodden was a gold-digger.

  5. Oh god…Burt Reynolds and now this. I guess they always say celebrities always go in threes.

  6. Is this something JJ was shooting for the end of Star Wars VII?

  7. tlmck

    Nathan must be an undertaker.

  8. Bob’s there to chops some dog balls off.

  9. Cock Dr

    Good for Bob, getting all dressed up and reminding people to spay & neuter their pets.

  10. “And remember folks, I’m here with Bob Barker to remind everyone to always spay and….AAAHHHH. OH JEEZUS…I just caught a glimpse of Bob in my peripheral vision. I’m sorry…spay and neuter your dogs and cats.”

  11. Two generations, one Uncanny Valley.

  12. His hand made me gag.

  13. fleshpeddlar

    Man! His face looks like it’s been melted. And so does Bob Barkers.

  14. He really IS going to keel over when he realizes he’s standing in front of a mural that reads, “Animals for Meat:.

  15. gadzooks! is something he might say. if he looked at himself. if he could see.

  16. lawn

    Happy Gilmore could take him now.

  17. jenn

    I watched Price Is Right with my grandmother who passed years ago. Glad he got out for a cause he’s supported since I was a kid. When he goes, I’ll miss him.

  18. Glad to see Judge Alvin Valkenheiser out and about these days.

  19. “Spay and neuter, folks!”
    “..and,drink your virgin’s blood. Yesssss.”

  20. I think they were getting ready to head over to the surprise party being thrown in honor of Bob Barker’s 206th birthday.

  21. I have no idea who these people are and I will cut any fucker who tries to tell me.

  22. Motorboat Captain

    Estelle Getty’s looking rough these days.

  23. SMB

    …i coulda swore phyllis diller passed away.

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