1. “Chumlee, you dumbass.”

  2. joe

    Hell of a situation here. Standing in front of a wall with some crap written on it. You got a chance to be recognized again, to restart your career for the tenth time . . . if you don’t blow it.

  3. “Let me try this again…WOULD. ANYONE. LIKE. TO. ASK. ME. ABOUT. SNIPER 4: BACK TO SAIGON?”

  4. angerinside

    … and this is why we don’t see him in movies anymore.

  5. Oh, shit! When did HE die?

  6. Oz Matters

    If you told me 20 years ago he would be perfect for the Ed Asner bio pic, I would have laughed…

  7. He’s still got the lips, I’m still good.

  8. Loved him in “Someone to Watch Over Me.” So sexy!

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