1. dontkillthemessenger

    Before everyone goes crazy here, it’s obvious that he was going to scratch his own ass and she got in the way.

    (BTW, that excuse does NOT work with the NYPD.)

  2. ThisWillHurt

    It’s hard to imagine anyone on a “Real Housewives” show as having a “personality,” Photo Boy.

  3. Honey, have you seen my keys? I could have sworn I put them…right…here…

  4. Can we term this the “Chad Johnson” and let it fade into obscurity by tomorrow?

  5. Little Tongue

    Itchy Hemorrhoids are said to cause 25% of all divorces.

  6. Nothing like a class move when you know that the paparazzi are all lined up next to you.

  7. How lazy can you be, lady? Pull your underwear out of your ass yourself.

  8. cc

    Nothing worse than having to ask for help with a stuck fart.

  9. Classy move. What is he, a rapper?

  10. “Please stop… There was no toilet paper in the rest rooms.”

  11. First, there was the “shocker”. Now, witness the “Umansky”

  12. Ten bucks says he sniffed his fingers ten seconds later.

  13. This guy was obviously paying attention when the instructor in the “How to Pick Up Women” class taught how to mark one’s territory.

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