1. ThisWillHurt

    Wow, that was a quick delivery!

  2. tlmck

    With those abs, i think it is safe to say she has never been pregnant.

  3. well, she wasn’t pregnant last time either…..

  4. Aw this is disappointing…I guess she and Jay-Z just aren’t ready for another fake pregnancy.

  5. I thought that was Rose Huntington Whitely again…is she caucasian-ing?

  6. “Man, look at this blue wall! I mean, it’s so blue! Like sky blue. Beyonce? What? Where?”

  7. cc

    Ah! C’est un bon jour! Je va a la boulangerie pour un tasse du cafe et un croque monsieur!

  8. I really can’t stand this woman (or her mate, for that matter) but I believe this is about the best I’ve ever seen her look. I guess that would be akin to saying “that’s the least offensive dogshit I’ve ever tasted.”

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