1. Only Leo wants to smell where Leo’s hand has been.

  2. tlmck

    “Seriously dude. All you have to do is call them up and tell them to send you the one on page 12 of the catalog.”

  3. sparky

    Looks like Lukas just sent Leo a selfie from down under

  4. *snicker* “So then I tell her ‘I’ll call you’, and she totally bought it.”

  5. “…hehehehe….that Indian guy smells so fucking bad…”

    “..dude!…I thought it was just me!…”

  6. See…when you do this you can smell your breath…

  7. “I played a retard when I was young, but *you* got to be an *Amish* kid! That’s so cool! What was it like?”

  8. “Dude…I think that’s Jimmy Kimmel!”

  9. “Non-Americans in this part of the world ALL smell this bad. Just wait until you snag some pussy!”

  10. “Remember when we were cute kids?”
    “Ha! Fuck no.”

  11. “Psst. Guy in front of you didn’t get the memo that it’s Douchehat Day.”

  12. “Dude, why are you wearing a hat and sunglasses? No one knows who the fuck you are!”

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