1. Little Tongue

    And she wore the most atrocious fashion
    As her mom pimped us out to make big bucks fast
    My testicles shamed into oblivion
    To Paris I retreated at last
    Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah

  2. What’s up, Barry Bonds head?

  3. ThisWillHurt

    That’s a lot of sweat. Is Kris Jenner backstage with a gun?

  4. He looks like he just found out that the Kardashian’s know he’s back in the country.

  5. “Does anyone here know how to keep away from the Kardashians?”

  6. “When I was invited to perform at the Governor’s Ball, I insisted on performing before BOFE of ‘em. So that’s where I’m headed. Later, y’all…”

  7. JennywithaY

    That’s funny – I thought the fetus was only suppose to drain the life from its mother.

  8. SMB

    “…i pooped.”

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