1. dontkillthemessenger

    How much did he pay her to hold the Weiner?

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Don’t get excited. Her boyfriend’s name is Anthony, and she misses his wiener. Also, she can’t spell.

  3. Last week he was parading around with an Israeli flag and now he’s after the Puerto Rican vote.

  4. She’s really excited about the weiner.

  5. She loves the wiener. I hear she likes it raw.


  7. Cock Dr

    I hope he wins…because the whole Weiner narrative is just so goddamned funny.

  8. He looks like he’s morphing into a goblin.

  9. Techman

    Could someone tell me why most American politicians look like they aren’t bright enough to hold down a job slinging burgers? It really makes me wonder what the people who actually vote for these idiots are like.

  10. I love this dude.

  11. Mr. Burns looks better without the wig.

  12. Man, his mom is a good sport.

  13. “Hehehe. Chick’s holding a sign that says: ‘Weiner’”

  14. “Buy Jove, I think she finally gets it!”

  15. She likes Weiner

  16. SMB

    Paul Shore’s latest flick looks awful.

  17. Havoc1701

    “Yeah, they make a smaller moped. But it’s nothing like having one of these mean machines between your legs.”

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