1. I can’t help but feel this photo would be funnier when accompanied by tuba music

  2. You know the man has hit rock bottom when he carries around his own supply of Pepto Bismol.

  3. Keith

    The hot blonde is still with him, huh? Seems like a fun chick if she can put up with that.

  4. K-Fed, Jonah Hill wants his clothes back. And his figure.

  5. tlmck

    “Mommy? Why does that man never work?”

  6. Is he mooching off her too? Or are they both living on Bertney’s dime?

    • Cock Dr

      I think it’s safe to assume that everyone you see here is living off the Spears money teet.
      And when you think of what the restaurant & grocery bills alone are……Brittany probably does need to tour every damned year.

  7. Bill Clinton

    That wardrobe says “I’m too lazy to care how I look anymore.”

  8. The most depressing aspect of the his photo is the fact that he keeps on breeding.

  9. Nice instep armor.

  10. A Federline family outing is when everybody walks to the corner store to get daddy lube for his fleshlight

  11. He has a long career ahead of him

  12. “Mommy is daddy a sumo wrestler ?”

  13. Natty Ice

    I wonder where they are walking to? Maybe to buy him a comfortable pair of Crocs and a mobility scooter?

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