1. Ever and Never.

  2. And I’m here
    To remind you
    Of the mess the kid left in this diaaaaaaaaper.

  3. Little Tongue

    Forget about the kid, it’s the ass that needs being picked up!

  4. Kid’s got to grow up with a shitty name and looking at his Mom’s shitty tattoo.

  5. Still love her.

  6. I love her kicks and am glad she’s found her happiness at last. That moody tortured stuff gets old after awhile. I should know.

  7. uma. unfortunate mom ass.

  8. itwasme

    she’s got a baddddddd case of mom ass.

  9. har har har

    The fact she sang the lyric “How bout stopping eating when I’m full up” is ironic, don’t ya think?

  10. tlmck

    “When mommy?” Ever….

  11. farmgirl

    blame it on the ill-fitting jeans

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