1. “Nancy boy, speak to me in that language you call an accent again and I’ll rip you in two…”

  2. tlmck

    “When I get home, Jennifer is gonna shove this up my ass.”

  3. CrashHell

    Is Ben doing his Jonah Hill impression? Uncanny…

  4. green meanine

    I just imagine dolphin noises coming out of his mouth.

  5. “The election was 7 months ago, Ben. You can stop gloating already.”

  6. “Mr Eastwood you’re my hero!”
    “Shouldn’t you be at the pride day parade?”

  7. Krazee Thug Nutz

    “It’s golden antlers, bitch. Calm down.”

  8. Veronika Larsson

    “You think you deserve that award? Well, deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”

  9. Jenn

    Behind the Golden Antlers, coming soon to Spike TV.
    Ben: Clint, I wish I could quit you.
    Clint: Good, I’m leaving you for the couch. He’s easier to talk to.

  10. RHawk

    “i would have given the empty chair your Oscar.”

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