1. Tom N.

    Beautiful, despite what Superficial commenters think about her.

  2. Let’s all take a moment of silence to mourn the death of Scarlett’s boobs…
    Reynolds, I could forgive you for Green Lantern, but not this… Never this…

  3. She’s so damn sexy as the Black Widow in the Marvel movies. When she keeps herself in shape she looks damn good.

  4. diego

    Nice douche-face, Amanda Bynes

  5. chicka

    too bad it’s so HARRRRD! to FIGURE OUT! the angles so the DAMN PHONE! doesn’t SHOW!

  6. Snoki's Taint

    Duckface! BANG!

  7. Does nobody have a mirror in, say, their bedroom? Or maybe a hallway? Because of all these goddamned phone selfies I’ve been privy to more celebrity shitters than I ever cared for.

  8. “Lips out, shoulders back, tits out…I can’t believe some people actually *studied* acting. This is way easier.”

  9. ScarJo, you’re looking so damn good, why don’t you drop your top?

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    is all the other attention she receives not enough?

  11. Look at those pretty lips! Who amongst us would be immune to their attraction?

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