1. Sexiest man barely alive.

  2. Holy shit I just wish I hadn’t seen this.

  3. Tiggles

    Someone tell him he’s not a ghost yet, and that we can all see him.

  4. All he’s missing is to be wrapped up in bandages.

  5. Smokey’s on his tail, and the Bandit’s driving an invisible walker. Senility has its advantages.

  6. Krazee Thug Nutz

    “…On this episode of the Walking Dead…”

  7. Oscar

    you know you are a badass when Richard Grieco is carrying arround your bags for you

  8. DaGut

    I thought he was dead. Huh.

  9. Stan Lee looks like hell

  10. CMK

    Remlap arual dellik ohw wonk i.

  11. How can he still look kinda cool? It’s just not fair, dammit!

  12. “Remind me never to drink any more of that sloe gin. The whole world has turned pink.”

  13. “It’s a wrap Mr. Reynolds”

  14. Is this the spoiler for “Weekend at Burt’s”?

  15. Did Joe Don Baker just shove him?

  16. Glad to see Biff Tannen still has gainful employment.

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