1. Jon Hex

    That is a creepy looking Peter Parker.

  2. So…is this set in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 2002?

  3. Pixie

    So… they decided to hit up the emo crap again? Awesome.

  4. Hurp

    Did a young Bob Saget discover time travel so he could come to the future and fix his non-existent career in 2011?

  5. It had to be said

    Nice calves, emo wus.

  6. Are they using some skinny leg CGI special effect on him?

  7. The Critical Crassness

    “My web-shooter is not working bring the ladder!”

  8. why is he wearing mismatched socks?

    • thanks for the headache

      Why are they making yet another freaking spiderman movie?? I know: $. Still.

    • vlad

      he’s one of those people who just reach into the sock drawer and wear whatever two he pulls out.

    • kimmykimkim

      Superheroes are waaay too busy to be matching up socks all day. That’s my take on this. Cuz really, it takes allll day.

  9. baron of all media

    Hipster glasses? Check.
    Hipster tee over long-sleeved hipster shirt with gay thumb holes? Check.
    Hipster black skinny jeans? Check.
    Hipster sneaks and mismatched hipster socks? Check.
    Fire when ready.

  10. This version of Spiderman brought to you by Transition Lenses.

  11. swalton

    ‘I have this totally cool, underground crime fighting alter ego, nah you’ve probably never heard of him’

  12. cc

    This was moments before two nesting pigeons showed up and booted his ass off their perch. Actually one of them watched the other one do it.

  13. My twinkie sense is tingling.

  14. tuvieja

    Popeye┬┤s wife Olivia called. She wants her legs back.

  15. TomFrank

    “How do I nail down this brooding, wounded look? Oh, I just think of how everyone said I would be nominated for an Oscar for The Social Network…”

  16. Nik

    He looks like a major douche.

  17. Does Tim Conway get a cut when they use Dorf’s legs as a stunt double?

  18. That’s the buffest emo kid I’ve ever seen.

  19. vlad

    so Spider-Man in this version is going to look like a real spider with spindly legs?



  21. cc

    The windows open just enough for him to climb in and out.

  22. ingen haagen daaz

    i’d still hit that over tobey maguire ANY day.

  23. I wish my head was shaped like a lego.

  24. JMS

    Wow, I didn’t think it was possible to make Tobey Mcguire look like a buff super hero, but somehow they’ve found a way.

  25. KC

    Everybody hates this guy, but everyone has a difference reason.

  26. PinkLady

    If Joe and Quagmire from Family Guy had a lovechild, this would be it.

  27. Deacon Jones

    Well this picture certainly changed my opinion of him.

    I’m definitely seeing this movie, as soon as I watch Sex in the City 2.

  28. Method Roughing

    Mr Rogers before he discovered the warm comfort of a knitted sweater.

  29. Method Roughing

    *Will you be mine, wont you be mine*

  30. Charmless Man

    I think I hate this guy, but I have no idea why.



  32. Shit, another Spider-man movie I have to not watch? When will it end?

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