1. Bucky Barnes

    Based on the sweaty pits I’m just thankful we can’t see her crotch.

  2. HF

    My gash is THIIIIIS big!

  3. It had to be said

    If your penis fits in this hole you are old enough to ride Lady Gaga.

  4. The Critical Crassness

    “America’s Cautionary Self-Help Guru” , explains how big the hole in heart is after hearing that her “Egg” was destroyed by careless housekeepers at her hotel.

  5. Her nipples look like fruit stripe gum…I wonder if chewing on them loses flavor as fast.

  6. fartbucket

    i liked this singer better when she was in Deee-Lite.

  7. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Her head looks like stepping in shit with white tennis shoes.

  8. Somewhere down there is a game show with her name all over it.

  9. In her defense, her hair was all black, until Pepe le Pew accidentally spilled some white paint on her. You can guess what happened next.

  10. cc

    There really is a point when, no matter who you are, it’s evident that you are trying waaaay too hard.

  11. Wow, it’s a good thing Lady Gaga practices such modesty and decorum by covering her nipples in a SEE THROUGH DRESS. We would never want to get the wrong impression that she’s a desperate, attention seeking slutbag.

  12. mangezmangez


  13. mike

    still, got to bang rose mcgowan and that chick from true blood, and you didn’t.

  14. Fashion: When your shoulder pads are bigger than your breasts.

  15. vlad

    Pepe Le PeeYew!

  16. Asoto

    Die, please.

  17. JC

    “I heart the team of record executives and producers that created a persona that allows me to sell millions of records to 12-year-old girls and gay guys.”

  18. huneybunny

    Its a sad day when someone’s face looks worse than Fergie’s.


    Cruella DeVille meets Pete Dougherty

  20. lori

    She looks like a drunken, hideous mess. Yep. Nothing new here.

  21. MrsWrong

    It seems racist to pander to mexican fashion IN MEXICO!

  22. allieb

    Bai Ling is that you?

  23. KC

    I think I just smurfed in my mouth a little.

  24. Jovy

    Dunno what’s more disturbing here. Her face or that ghoul in the background.

  25. PinkLady

    Those stickers on her boobs need to be at least 100 x bigger and suffocating.

  26. …Dora Bianchi?

  27. UnholyKrep

    Cruella de Smell.

  28. Steelerchick

    Pancakes anyone?

  29. Charmless Man

    Doing that with your hands isn’t helping to distract from your floppy boobs.

  30. Glenn Close did it better.

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