1. Bucky Barnes

    Steve evidently hearts wieners.

  2. The Critical Crassness

    I see Steve Austin is in training for the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest!

  3. Stone Cold walking back to his hotel after discovering you can buy tylenol with Codeine over the counter in Canada.

  4. Jesus Christ, I get that Asians are slowly taking over the world, but do they really have to corner our cow assholes market too?

  5. Food is served, and Stone Cold is munchin’

  6. This man is too cool for just one pair of sunglasses.

  7. cc

    Dude, keep up appearances. At least put your reading glasses away.

  8. Nik

    I want to go to Japadog so bad.

  9. TomFrank

    We paid Six Million Dollars for this Man?

  10. All I see is a hot dog stand. His camouflage jacket is working wonderfully.

  11. I told the Mrs. I was duck hunting, but man, I just wanna’ shop.

  12. noooooooo

    He’s holding his own personal version of Tough Enough in his hotel, can you eat 20 fire burritos and not let one out that evacuates 3 floors.

  13. Jackie

    Japadog is SO good! The only hot dog stand I’ve ever seen with a line up around the block. Every day.

  14. Jovy

    The things I wanted to do to this man when I was a horny school girl. I’d still smash the hell out of him.

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