1. It had to be said

    Wow, that air traffic controller will DEFINITELY not fall asleep at work!

  2. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “So this one time Malcolm totally….
    Wait, where are you going?!
    How about if I tell you about my brother, Danny?
    He worked with MILA KUNIS!

  3. cc

    Old Mac? Check. 80s look? Check. Rick Astley on vinyl? Check. Man, am I ever going to be a hit.

  4. Michael J. Fox is getting ready to scratch the shit out of some records.

  5. cagster

    Checking out the new Scientologist e-meter?


    If thats not an Elijah Wood stand-in then I have no idea who the deuce this is

  7. JMS

    He’s considered enough of a celebrity to be on this site?

  8. DonDopey

    The thing about DJ Bono is that he only plays U2 songs. He told me he’s gotten some requests for other artists, is currently looking to find them, but still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

  9. Fletch

    Who the fu…. oh hell, nevermind

  10. Charmless Man

    Well Scientology certainly hasn’t brought him fame and fortune.

  11. So he just goes by Christopher Masterson? Apparently ‘DJ On the Brink of Obscurity’ was too unwieldy.

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