1. YoMamma

    Scruffy pubes look – ew

  2. not a good look.

  3. Deacon Jones

    If you cover his eyes with your hand, he looks like a terrorist

  4. Caseum

    came out of a dumpster

  5. it had to be said

    This is what happens when you date Serena and dine at the Y I guess.

  6. Never gets screened at the airport.

  7. j/k

    For some reason I want to take a magnetic pencil and move the hair to his head.

  8. Blech

    His beard matches his t-shirt.

  9. dooood

    i thought suge knight was destitute and irrelevant now

  10. tlmck

    An appropriate name.

  11. I hear for a Halloween costume party he dressed in all pink, polished his head, and went as a clitoris.

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