1. it had to be said

    I wish I could say she doesn’t look good. She does.

  2. More like crazy whores, amirite?

  3. Bonky

    40. She wears it well.

  4. Circuit Rodeo

    Note to any stuck up 25 year old who thinks the world owes them something: I’d rather fuck Carmen.

  5. dooood

    still cute and best of all, not a super bitch

  6. yeahhi

    her bday is on april 20th. Kind of late no?

  7. Mikemav

    Who knew Dennis Rodman’s junk was the fountain of youth?

  8. journalschism

    Cameras continue to pull farther and farther away from her face, yet my hand stays as close to my boner as it did in 1992.

  9. Swearin

    If her looking that damn good is the result of a pact with Satan, it’s the best publicity the Fallen One could ask for

  10. Carmen Electra is 40, but her pussy is 117.

  11. I would fuck her repeatedly. She would have to call the cops to pry me off her ass.

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