1. USDA Prime McBeef

    rod stewart sucks ass although I dig the mandolin at the end of Maggie May

  2. Its more like… “Penny Lancaster takes her Lhasa Apso for a walk..”

  3. WURD

    Some guys get all the luck.

  4. alex

    Rod can’t help it if he’s 4’11

  5. shonzie

    Who knew Peter Mayhew had a sister?

  6. It’s just easier when Rod wears Heelies.

  7. justin

    The amazon blond chick from Game of Thones?

  8. Johnny P!

    Penny’s cock is bigger than Rod’s.

  9. Frank Burns

    “Stay behind me, Rod. Only I am ready to do battle with Khloe Kardashian.”

  10. And in the morning she kicks him in the fucking head.

  11. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Thinks he’s arm candy, looks like a jelly baby.

  12. cc

    Mom, why does my birth certificate say Ben Button Lancaster?

  13. Cock Dr

    If she isn’t pegging him she should be.
    It would probably be therapeutic for the old guy.

    • At the size of her, she could peg him, then pick him up and walk to the next room for a change of scenery without missing a stroke.

  14. Blech

    I’d feel cruel saying anything about this.

  15. Matty

    So Rod is dating Khloe’s real dad? Scandalous!

  16. mickey01232000

    Looks like Rod selected a girlfriend from the WNBA.

  17. Das a big bitch!

  18. Buddy The Elf

    Other than the crushed velour blue velvet jacket, Rod looks the same as he has for the last 96 years.

  19. nacye

    Thank god for her pretty blonde hair, he ain’t no looker either, perfect pair!

  20. egg solo

    That is the largest real doll I have ever seen.

  21. Why is the tall lady dragging Dudley Moore’s corpse around?

  22. disillusionisreal

    Holy shit! She’s an amazon! Or he’s really really short…..

  23. ri

    Obviously the man must have a tree trunk for a cock!

  24. Why is she walking around with Fozzy the Bears autistic brother?

  25. Joaquin ingles

    Monchichi, monchichi!

  26. mbcl

    “I love it when you speak french ” as he kisses her arm.

  27. catapostrophe

    Rod Stewart has a type.

  28. Hobo Jo

    But mommy i want the candy!

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