1. PtC

    He’s good at that.

  2. Say what you will but this dude’s a good actor, a good dad, a good husband.

  3. Pierce Bronzetan

    Agreed. Signs autographs, talks to crowds, just an all-around genuinely nice guy. Like Hamm.

  4. Johnny P!

    Boy in background: “Mmmmm, orange!”
    Ava: “I like to chew my popsicles!”
    Hugh: “Argh! Brain-freeze! I always try to take it all at once! When will I learn?”

  5. She’s just glad it wasn’t a banana, because watching her dad eat one just makes her…uncomfortable.

  6. cc

    Hey, he gave her a nice normal name. Props.

  7. Cock Dr

    He did that deliberately; positioning the girl child in front as a shield against the tidal wave of cocksucking comments.
    Clever Aussie bastard.

  8. Circuit Rodeo

    You know Ava will be home from every date on time. No boy will risk pissing off Wolverine.

  9. EricLr

    His body is at the ballgame, but his heart is dancing on Broadway!

  10. “No, dad, I didn’t ask where you learned to fit that whole thing in your mouth. No, that doesn’t count as asking.”

  11. CK

    Seriously, the kid in the background just doesn’t know how to do it.

  12. ri

    “No honey don’t use your teeth”

  13. I guess the training did help on how to get a early start on the casting couch.

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