1. Skeets

    Dose Titays

  2. Dick Hell

    Keep your chin up Rumer, it’ll make your neck SUPER strong.

  3. Freudian Slip moment: I immediately read that as “Jaws”

  4. YoMamma

    Shopping with someone who has a weak chin = bad idea Rumor

  5. Slippinx12

    There’s two of them now? Fuck we’re all doomed…

  6. alex

    Whats going on with her tit on the right? Is that some funky scaring or a shadow???

  7. Johnny P!

    You know how some women, when they catch you staring at their tits, say “My eyes are up here!”
    Not Rumer.

  8. Frank Burns

    Russet Willis and her friend Julienne on their way to enjoy some hash at the Brown’s house, which they latke do on the weekends.

  9. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Rumer is just a chin but her friend’s chin is just a rumour…that’s some deep shit, right there.

  10. MarkM

    The next time you hear someone say “Demi Moore has just had TOO much plastic surgery!” Pull out this photo and shut them up!

  11. i never thought I’d consider sex after a beheading, until now that is.

  12. I don’t believe this at all. I hate when people spread ugly Rumers.

  13. Col. Bat Guano

    I still can’t unsee ‘Sgt. Slaughter’.

  14. dooood

    again demonstrating the formula. if there’s some tits nobody cares about whatever else is in the shot

  15. EricLr

    Sweetie, I think wearing that bag is going to help you more than any clothing in it.

  16. Bigalkie

    I think that she came out of her mothers vagina and slammed right into the wall.

  17. alex

    Frank Burns wins!!! Well done buddy!

    Russet Willis gets the win in my book.

  18. lawn

    The glasses do help, but they’re nowhere near big enough.

  19. Biff

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like the spawn of Joe Bonamassa?

  20. What Rumer lacks everywhere else seems to be offset by a decent pair of globes. Do you think Hefner would be interested in a pictorial that shows only from neck to bellybutton?

  21. She’s found the secret to being tolerable; always show the tits.

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