1. “And it’s douchebag by a nose.”

  2. Juano

    Turd alert, turd alert!

  3. cc

    In a minute, he’s going to sit astride Sarah Jessica Parker and OWN those other nags.

  4. Seriously, I thought this guy couldn’t get any douchier.

  5. Caseum

    Ashton Doucher…

  6. While I agree this guy is a douche, this is outfit actually isn’t that douchey. The hat is about 3 sizes too small, but everything else is pretty cool. His mom dressed him well this time.

    • Everything below the neck is kind of okay. But everything above the neck—the hat, the shades, the unkempt hair, even that beard—is total douche. And that just douches up the rest of the ensemble as a result.

    • dooood

      so now asston is gonna start traveling through time to fuck up and embarrass and forever ruin countless other cultures and time periods with his legendary duche powers?

    • Anon

      The problem isn’t the outfit (except from the neck up, like TomFrank said), but the fact that we know who it is who’s wearing the outfit. He’s such a monumental douche, and we know that’s not his style, and the whole thing is just disgusting. I don’t know what my point is; I just want to punch him in the ugly face. I never got why some girls are into him. When he’s clean-shaven he looks like a doofus and when he’s as above, well… We all know.

  7. Codot

    Why does he feel the need to dress to fit in? Remember his Texas outfit? Like, is this how he thinks people in the area dress? He sees a movie about Kentucky and suddenly he’s hitting the shops to ‘fit in’? I can’t wait to see his Alabama ensemble.

  8. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Paying someone to dress you like that is Decadent and Depraved

  9. Blech

    When in doubt about your sexuality, wear a purple bowtie.

  10. Joaquin ingles

    Gustave Douche, or Von Douche, as he was officially known, woke up one morning and went for an extended walk…

  11. dave chappelle

    do you bitches get why I sang “Fuck Ashton Kutcher” yet?? little ashie boy likes to play dress-up…sheeit

  12. mickey01232000

    Why is it that no matter what this dude wears he always manages to make it look bad. Here is a putz with a bow tie.

  13. MarkM

    He does realize that when he’s not “on set” he doesn’t have to dress in costume, doesn’t he?

  14. Glad to see Farrell’s is still hiring.

  15. How appropriate that he went as a horse’s ass.

  16. stacy

    Sorry Ashton, this is a race for horses, not jackasses.

  17. dooood

    people keep dying at the kentucky derby and its never
    asston kutcher. -the fuck man!

  18. EricLr

    PEANUTS! Get ya peanuts, right here!

  19. Buddy The Elf

    Leave Bagger Vance alone, people.

  20. Bigalkie

    Mayor McDouche

  21. Well, everyone’s comments are so dead-on and hilarious, I hesitate to write in, but one thing not mentioned, is – can you imagine how much time this douche bag spends each day planning and coordinating his “outfits” for his image?? The fact that he’s now making 700k per episode of that crappy show, makes me sick. Thanks for letting me vent….

  22. The Brown Streak

    “Hey, Broderick…which one are you married to?”

  23. Swearin

    Damnit, is he playing the next Doctor Who?

  24. CK

    I thought that was Jack Black

  25. I didn’t know Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride moved to Kentucky.

  26. mbcl

    “May I push in your stool ?”

  27. DusktillDawn

    He’s trying to re-enact The Sting all by himself.

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