1. Chris Brown

    Funny how the no name girls are hotter than the celebs.. well funny in a celebs are generally not as hot as non celebs way :)

  2. cc

    For a fleeting moment, I was monumentally aroused. Then the though that Bieber shags the girl on the left flashed through my mind and that was a proverbial cold shower.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    If I could Mr Potato Head them bitches, I’d bolt together a solid 7 for sexual use and a 4 for sexual abuse.

  4. Josephus

    Who plays the second one from the right? No reason, just ask-tits. The reason is tits.

  5. Slippinx12

    Is the interview with Pedophile Monthly?

    • theoriginal LJ

      They’re all over 18. But I suppose if your balls are hanging to your knees and all you see are your fellow patients in the nursing home, these girls might seem to young to you.

      • Vinjel

        Dude, they all look 16 with all the anti growth hormone they been getting fed by Disney

      • They may be over 18 but every one of them looks no older than 13-14. Then again you know that. That’s why you like the pic in the first place.

  6. O'chunt

    Wanna bet the second one from the right is bending over to hide her gut?

  7. nick

    Whores. Getting younger every decade.

    • Not really, if you look at it over the course of time they’re getting older…seeing as how back it the day it was common for prostitutes to be under the age of 14.

  8. Blech

    This looks like a Delia’s swimwear advertisement.

  9. Bonky

    Isn’t that the same photo on the DVD cover of “SquirtBang #12″ ?

  10. absinthe

    Does anyone else notice the really unnaturally photoshopped shadow on the girl with the pink hair?

  11. neen


  12. Oryx

    Look! The new Stupid Spoiled Whore Playset!

  13. Circuit Rodeo

    This is more like the DVD cover of the next Fresh Newcummers. Only trashier and more revealing.

  14. Terry Richardson just exploded.

  15. stacy

    I just love how excited Selena gets when she runs her tits against another girl. Reminds her of Bieber.

  16. dooood

    just do a bukkake gangbang marathon and get over it.
    on to the next batch of jailbait disney whores

  17. blahahahah

    I’m trying to figure out what this movie is about but from what I’ve seen the plot is just a bunch of young hot girls in bikinis posing. The end.

  18. I get the feeling that this photo is better than the movie will be.

  19. FDrBn

    This is every pedophiles wet dream.

    • You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • Oh you know damn well what it means. As soon as I saw this pic I knew every kid-touching piece of dog shit would be on here fapping. You guys are nothing if not predictable.

      • Yeah, I know what it means. I also know what “exaggeration” and “hyperbole” mean. Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. Do these girls look pre-pubescent to you? If they do, I’d argue that someone is seeing jailbait where none exists.

      • There is no exaggeration involved in pointing out that these girls have the bodies of children around 12-13 years of age. That’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a matter of eye sight.

        One of your fellow pedos is talking about “cute boy butt”! Exaggeration my ass!

      • Smokey

        Lighten up you maniac, most of these girls are well into their 20′s and the youngest one of them is 19 years old. “Childlike in physique” eh? Yet they clearly have breasts, what kind of children do you hang out with? Wake up and start living in the real world you prude.

  20. The Pope


  21. Gigi

    Dont get why they have to make a teen beach break movie! Dont they know that there are preverts out there, that get turned on by young girls!!!

  22. Yunyun

    In my opinion Selena is the hottest one there, I love her black hair. The other honorable mention would be Ashely Benson (blond beside selena)

  23. kimmykimkim

    I’ll take the one with the pink hair and the ugly sandals, please.

  24. Nisse

    Selena: cute boy butt. Tits not too big. Long black shiny hair.

  25. The Brown Streak

    “Like OMG…is your pink hair real?”

  26. CK

    When is this going Straight-to-DVD?

  27. Nothing but disgusting pandering to pedophiles. Not one girl in that pic is built like an adult woman.

    • Synchro22

      YOu’re DUMB ASS HELL. My body is just like Selena’s and I am 24 years old. An adult woman so Fuck you.

      • Sure. Any woman will look like that eating one solid meal a day. That still doesn’t mean you’re not a pedophile’s wet dream.

      • yuuuki

        Some girls are naturally thin. It doesn’t mean they eat 1 meal a day. Not everyone is built the same. There are some 14 year old girls that look like they’ve already given birth a few times and some 25 year olds who still look like teenagers. Its all about genes.
        Look at Eva Longoria, she’s like 37 and she’s super petite and even if she ate cake all day there is no way she’s gonna suddenly have beyonce or christina hendricks’s body.

      • Eva Longoria is actually much thinner than she was 6 years ago. Look at her pics from the first season of Desperate Housewives.

      • Every one of your comments is making some sort of allusion to pedophilia and you’re sounding pretty spooky. We’re all comfortable with what we’re seeing, especially since none of these ladies is underage. So if all you have is comments relating to sex with minors, how about taking it somewhere else. Like try Maybe they’ll listen to your bullshit.

      • Come to think of it, pedophilia is an awfully big word for an eleven year old…

      • Your pathetic attempt at reverse psychology isn’t working. It doesn’t take any detective work to realize that 1. These girls look like minors regardless of their actual age, and 2. Most of you jerking off to them are closeted pedophiles.

        One of your fellow child-molesters actually used the term “cute boy butt” to describe his favorite one! Cute boy butt!! At least the poor sap was honest about his sickness.

      • Frank McCoy

        Get lost you damaged old hag. Your father’s waiting for you in the toolshed.

      • wassa matter, pedo? hit a little too close to home?

      • dkdkd209

        Tony is the biggest jerk off troll asshole. Selena is 19 years old, Vanessa 23, Rachel Korine is 26 and Ashley Benson is 22. All adult women, so if they’re body type disturbs you that is your own sick head and nothing to do with them. Its normal for guys to like any of them because they are all adults. The reason they look young is because they are YOUNG lol duhhh wtf do you want them to look like? They are young and therefore they look young.
        Maybe Tony is use to women like Courtney Stodden who is suppose to be 17 but looks like a 40 year old haha

      • It doesn’t matter what their age actually is, what matters is they look undeniably underage. And anyone with working eyeballs can see that. You want me to stop calling you out? Stop being a bunch of closeted kid-touchers.

      • Hey

        Tony must be dating someone with very saggy tits, ass, and neck. Jealous of the younger years. Deep town, he’d penetrate a embryo because of the jealously built up.

      • The girls I date don’t look like they’re 12. The ones you jerk off to look like the little kids you secretly wish they were. You ain’t spinning your way out of this one, pedo. At least be honest with yourself like that other schmuck who was drooling over “cute boy butt”!:)

      • Morningstar

        Notice how absolutely nobody agrees with your opinions and how every one of your comments gets thumbs down. I don’t know what deep seeded issue you have with pedophelia, perhaps you are one and hate yourself for it so you’re trying to make yourself feel righteous by preaching your bullshit on here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to a girl who is over 18, if you think that equals pedophile you have some real fucking mental problems. Be gone.

  28. Giggity

    And Tampax was there…

  29. I remember Selena Gomez doing an interview a couple of years ago saying that her mum would kick her ass back to Texas if she ever did anything remotely slutty.
    I suspect incoming anal bruising between this and kanoodling with her lesbian lover, Bieber.

  30. skunk

    cum recepticles

  31. Beej

    Why yes, yes I would love a titty-fuck! Thank you, Kiddie Perry.

  32. Walter Sobchak

    This TONY guy is clearly a pedophile. It’s all he talks about. You’re not fooling anyone by pretending to be disgusted. Stay way from my kids, chi-mo.

    • You suck worse at reverse psychology than you do at being straight:) You want me to stop calling you out? Stop jerking off to girls that look like kids.

      • Frank McCoy

        They look like they could be16-20, not 12-13, you kook. I’m guessing all the16-20 yr olds in your social set weighed 200 lbs.

      • Riiight…16-20:) That’s why you like ‘em:) We’ll just have to believe the 12-13 year olds in your social set looked like toddlers.

  33. lillaliket

    holy photoshop on vanessa!

  34. Finally, something teenage girls and middle aged men can agree on… besides Foursquare.

  35. I have to agree with Tony, this picture is very inappropriate

  36. Hey

    @ Tony.

    Did you go to college? No? Oh well, this is what most of the women look like. Get an education and maybe you’ll learn age to body ratios too.

    Enjoy your gerontophilia.

    • Don’t worry about college chicks, champ. Those old hags are way out of your range.:) Just stick to the 8 year olds you have pictures of on your hard drive.

      • Hey

        Well, now that we both got our strawman fallacies out of the way, I hope that you will have the mental competency to engage yourself in some knowledge

        Firstly, get your terminology correct. You have said they have the body of a 12-13 year old. That would not be paedophilia, but rather hebephilia – defined by the onset of puberty. Considering they are beyond the first stages of puberty though, it could be considered ephebophilia.

        Now that’s all technical jargon that doesn’t matter in the law. In the law it is still paedophilia, and there are two degrees. Typically it is divided among pre-pubescent and during/post-pubescent. However, most post-pubescent cases end up getting turned into statutory rape (typically for a 16-17 year old) with somone around the age of 18-22 being the one who assaulter said minor. However, then it gets tricky, because age of consent for states go as low as 16for minors who are deemed to have the mental capacity of a matured young adult.

        All this being said, none of this matters, because the youngest of them is the age of 18. Owning pictures of the girls means nothing now, except if indicted of harassment. Any physical contact is rape of a legally declared adult.

        Additionally, let me tell you that every civilization has a taboo against paedophilia. However, some people are born more into paedophiliac tendencies than others. Unfortunately for you, paedophilia is a spectrum of how more or less you are compared to others (much like the spectrum of how someone has tendencies to like the opposing sex). Back in the day, mothers taught women to be sexual at an early age, arranged young marriages, men took on young male underlings. All of this in support of a spectrum of natural tendencies.

        Point in case: All of this can be cited. You will probably call me a paedophile for a weak defense, because truthfully you are probably commenting just to make people mad (trolling is what it is called nowadays). But as Nietzsche once said, if it is true it won’t need defending. And trust me – all of these laws and history can be documented. So I wish you a good day sir – enjoy your newly acquired knowledge. Hell, find a loophole to make it work for your anti-paedophilia campaign if you want.

      • Firstly, I couldn’t care less about the technical term. Whatever you choose to call it, the attraction to underage women is crystal clear.

        Secondly, of course the pedos aren’t going to jerk off to actual 12 year olds on a public board — that would land them in jail! What they do instead is go for the closest legal alternative to their fantasy, which is women who are legally adults but are childlike in physique. This trend is shown over and over by the same characters. In case you missed it, one of your buddies was drooling over “cute boy butts”! I can see why you would pretend to not see that though;)

      • Grantley

        Lighten up and enjoy it, sexy teen-like girls deserve to be sexually admired. It’s one of the many things to be thankful for in life.

  37. Hobo Jo

    Is it just me or do they all (the middle two more so though) look like they are trying hard to hide their fat guts??

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