1. B&WMinstrel

    Body like a marshmallow in a microwave

  2. Is Kim shilling for Sears, since that’s the only place she can get a deal on a garage door wide enough to fit her moojestic ass?

  3. This was the thirteenth time Kim turned to hear who was weeping softly behind her, not realizing it was the zipper.

  4. Cock Dr

    I detest the “new generic photo description”, which just seems to be pure laziness on the site’s end.
    But we don’t need any captions to know who this one is.

  5. she’s so big now that her head looks tiny. I mean even her hands have gotten enormous

  6. It’s interesting that a 8 month pregnant Kim Kardashian looks like regular Coco.

  7. I thought you weren’t allowed to bring animals into Sears?

  8. Reading for the role of King Hippo in the live action-Mike Tyson’s Punchout!! movie.

  9. ¬°Ay caramba…ella es jodidamente enorme!!

  10. hedgehog

    she’s got a front-ass now


    She dresses like a idiot.
    *my apology to idiots

  12. Enough with the Mama June wedding pictures already.

  13. 5 seconds later her Spanx exploded resulting in the deaths of 3 photographers and press agent.

  14. Great idea wearing black, but she really should wear a burkha until this whole affair has concluded.

  15. Skeeter

    I’d like to pee on her face and inside her butthole.

  16. vhkmputt

    havnt anyone notices on top of her head the K looks like two horns? evil bitch

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