1. ThisWillHurt

    “Honey, I think she’s got fleas. Can you check? . . . Keep looking . . . Keep looking . . .”

  2. If Alec hands her the white dog, Hilaria will have four big puppies under her chin to handle.

  3. I hope he’s getting his money’s worth out of those implants he bought her.

  4. The page scrolling isn’t working properly. When you click on a picture and it scrolls to the next one, the comment bot disappears and it replaced with a zero. I have to refresh the page to get the comment box back.

  5. With a name like Hilaria, it seems like she should be funnier…or at least have comically big boobs. Oh, I get it now.

  6. cc

    I told him not to get too close to that little pig.

  7. “Alex, this is one of your fleas…it’s got your ranch’s brand on it.”

  8. Alec Baldwin quietly reminding himself why he puts up with the fucking little dogs.

  9. Alec Baldwin quietly reminiding himself of why he puts up with the fucking little dogs

  10. “Damn, that little fucker really is hung, isn’t he!”

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