1. Wonderful, she ate the eye of Sauron… Just freaking wonderful.

  2. That poor kid has no idea how many times she has avoided becoming a late night snack.

  3. meeps!

    “Start the reactor. Free Mars!”

  4. “It’s almost time for this one to come out. I’m going to have to get pregnant again immediately, cause I damn sure ain’t working out.”

  5. DeucePickle

    You know her husband has a bunch of pics of her naked pregnant super boobs. Some day we’ll get/have to see them

  6. yourmom

    Hey, little brother, lay off the chili’s, the gas is killing us!!

  7. Oscar

    If you cover her from the boobs up you’ll see a HUGE boob being groped by a tiny hand

  8. Deina

    HATE IT – your comments are what make this work! Plus they can’t ALL be Jessica Simpson!!

  9. lily

    still looks a hell of a lot better than KK

  10. Jenn

    The belly button pops out, it means the kid’s ready to come out, right?

  11. I’m getting more of a “Unicron” feel from that gut of hers. It’s not a typo.

  12. cc

    I hear that the all bacon fat diet is the in thing in maternity circles.

  13. She looks way better this pregnancy. So far she hasn’t gained enough weight to disqualify her from flying coach. However, it’s still early.

  14. Meshuggah Tits

    She’s touring the country on her “No Chili’s Left Behind” tour.

  15. Don Porky de la Mode

    I would rub coco butter all over her while sucking on those fat titties She married a guy named “Johnson” she knew what she was getting into. IK If she was my wife she’d be knocked up all the time too.

  16. BeakerV

    Ooh, babe, I don’t think that Benefiber is doing it’s thing. I keep pooping, but this baby just hasn’t dropped out.

  17. Yeah! Nip slip…oh wait, nevermind.

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