1. JimBB

    I think that’s Tom Berenger.

  2. david(guest)

    tom berenger is so camp these days he changed his name to tony, like the theatre awards. i know, that was a stretch…

  3. Spleen

    he should have killed Charlie Sheen when he had the chance.

  4. Bonky

    Your move, Nick Nolte.

  5. Everything he owns is in the part of the hat that is hanging over his ear.

  6. If I were King, dudes in scarves would get the guillotine.

  7. Son of a bitch. Leo really can pull off an inception.

  8. Damn, I thought he was straight. But then again, he did make a move with Kirstie Alley once.

  9. Who let Nick Nolte and Mickey Rourke spawn an offspring?

  10. “Hey, look, everybody! Isn’t that Tom Berenger’s mom?”

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