1. Cuddles

    I almost didn’t recognize her without her 8 inch clear plastic stripper shoes.

  2. Cock Dr

    The photo makes me think of her as a largemouth bass carefully accessorized with lipstick, implants, tattoos, spray tan and a sex tape.

  3. Spleen

    Ummmmm … gross.

  4. I had heard that the fish in the Pacific Ocean were irradiated, but goddamn.

  5. Hell Yeah…right up to the point where the neck ends.

  6. I enjoy her sex tape regularly.

  7. The Mapes Hotel

    Photo is mislabeled, should read “Courtney Stodden at the beach”

  8. MFer

    She’s foul in every way.

  9. Vlad

    The Worst Body Money Can Buy

  10. I’m pretty sure this picture has been photoshopped, and not just because her boobs don’t have corners.

  11. Lorenzo Lamas, 2004: “Yeah, I fucked that.”

    Lorenzo Lamas, 2014: “Um, no I didn’t.”

  12. donkeylicks

    Thats why I hate the ocean; it’s full of crabs.

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