1. JimBB

    Why are her eyes glowing red all the time?? And are these fucking HORNS??

  2. Doctor_Joystick

    His t-shirt is missing the word “animal” in the middle.

  3. “Aw, look at our adorable love-child!”
    “Love . . . right.”

  4. Baby weight’s a bitch to lose, huh fatso?

  5. …and this was the best she ever looked again.

  6. I wear women's shoes

    Guy behind her is the spotter, he runs the husband down and drags him back in case he tries to run, for extra insurance she makes him carry the kid to weigh him down.

  7. “Can we throw her in the volcano now … this thing is heavy”

  8. fred

    Uh oh. He’s in trouble. I don’t think tourists are allowed to take whales off of the beach.

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