1. The door actually has curved moldings.

  2. Only a Kardashian would buy a warped door so that people can’t accuse her of photoshop….

  3. Three easy steps to tell if an Instagram account uses photoshop:

    1. Is the account owner’s last name “Kardashian” or “Jenner?”
    2. Do they have breasts?
    3. Do you really need a third step? She’s a fucking Kardashian for christsakes!

  4. Spleen

    I see that they’ve decided to hire professionals to do the photoshopping.

  5. yourmom

    Look! I found Kim’s girdle!!

  6. I always liked playing with funhouse mirrors.

  7. Jesus, Khloe! Eat a sandwich or something. Your ass is almost normal sized!

  8. I wish this ugly fat cow would stop trying to get people to think she is sexy, she is not. Go away.

  9. blah

    i wonder how many times a day the maid has to arrange the towels that way. gives me a “sleeping with the enemy” vibe

  10. Robb7

    This big, plain girl will NEVER be sexy! Crack-addicted, shitty b-ball players are the best she’ll ever do.

  11. MFer

    What an asshole.

  12. Optical illusion

    How did they make her waist smaller around than her thigh?

  13. that girdle gives me hope for the technology to finally build a space elevator. Gotta start small.

  14. anonym

    oh she’s sucking it in hard.

    and I didn’t even know she was the youngest of the Kuntrashian sisters.

  15. She’s wearing spanx, that’s why her waist looks like that.

  16. Veronika Larsson

    Her butt is so awesome it’s bending time and space.

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