1. George P Burdell

    Who? I thought her 15 minutes were up.

  2. Hell yes. She’s single and looking for some action. I’d be more than happy to give it to her. Several times.

  3. ben dover

    she does look like a tranny in this pic

  4. Take yourself seriously much?

  5. From the right angle, she almost looks as pretty as some of the average girls at any high school.

  6. So lame — not even plain-jane hot.

  7. anonym

    The Baldwin genes are strong in this one.

    That face isn’t even hot. I can’t help thinking of that other retarded baldwin brother. what’s his face. Stephen.

  8. Oh, I hope for Terry Richardson’s sake that this isn’t his apartment. Then again, this could be Alec’s time to shine.

  9. Looks good to me. I can’t understand why people think she’s unattractive. Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I think she’s pretty.

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