1. So she’s sucked off white guys, black guys, Asian guys, and American Indian guys. Fine, but who’s the green guy?

  2. This is the rich supermodel equivalent of an OK Cupid profile…

  3. All the colors of the rainbow, right in her mouth.
    So, just a typical weekend for her.

  4. George P Burdell

    Proving she is an anti-racist by blowing the United Colors of Benetton

  5. She can suck on my Popsicle anytime.

  6. I’ve seen what’s behind those little orange curtains.
    No thank you.

  7. Don Sterling

    The last time she sucked on something colored, she was married to Seal.

  8. She’d better be careful or she’ll get a vacuum freeze.

  9. Cautiously Optimistic

    Now why couldn’t she do this one topless?

  10. Would it be wrong to want the tip to be a cream color and smeared across her lips….oh and yes topless, she set that bar after all.

  11. If you’re into ribs and collar bones…here ya go

  12. Not even the multicultural phallic symbol in her mouth can distract from her weird, lumpy body. How did she ever make a living as a model?

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