1. Hugh Jass

    Wait, he’s still alive?!

  2. White Comedianne

    Maybe funny in 2001

  3. TomFrank

    Another zombie! Oh, wait…I’m thinking of Bernie Mac.

  4. We are not entertained.

  5. Y.M.C.A. for illiterates.

  6. LJ

    Other than call himself a “King of Comedy” has this guy even done anything funny?

  7. Kung-Fu Black Bear?

  8. baron of all media

    Nice jacket on those teeth!

  9. MrsWrong

    And everybody Kung-Fu’d whitey!!

  10. Deacon Jones

    Why is it every raw, hardcore black comedian ends up doing Disney animation movies???

  11. brennan haley

    So, this guy’s singing YMCA, he don’t even know how to fowkin spell it – Aaaooowww!

  12. slim


  13. Is he really lined up at a food stand called “roundness is goodness?”

  14. properr

    i counted 84 bottom teeth

  15. Everybody was Kung Fu fighting… except for the fat black guy who was doing this.

  16. Can I sue him for false advertising on account of his last name?

  17. “It’s hip to be square!”

  18. whiskeyafternoon

    holy douche, the only thing he’s ever entertained is the head of his cock with the palm of his right hand. that’s a faithful audience.

  19. Sin


  20. I can get my hand up my ass this far.

  21. I guess because of his massive size, his thumb and index finger on his forehead just don’t cut it to show how big of a loser he really is.

  22. Steelerchick

    Cee Lo is looking great

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