1. It had to be said

    Damn, bitch, put some underwear on!

  2. Senor Trout

    Yeah, honey, I’m short, but IT is this long, know what I’m sayin?

  3. Hugh Jass

    I bet he gives the best piggyback rides.

  4. whos rough daddy and what does he do?

    At least those elevated sneakers add an inch or two…

  5. Seriously, I smell fish and cumin.

  6. bethy

    She hits me about here without the heels.

  7. Cock Dr

    Jeezus christ….he’s tiny. Dayum!

  8. ewwwwwwwwwwwww…..and then some…*I had a nightmare last…… what the @&^$% is that here for*

  9. whos rough daddy and what does he do?

    Well the good thing is, women doesnt insist on the look at me in the eyes thing when your this size….

  10. MrsWrong

    I bet this is the one time guys on here wished they were that small. Is it considered peeking when your only line of sight is upskirt?

  11. Deacon Jones

    …man, I don’t know how this guy gets up in the morning.

  12. Raerae

    Don’t you just hate it when a midget falls out of your vag on the red carpet?

  13. adolf hitler

    he keeps the matchbox cracked for easy in-n-out, and then uses one of the matches as a cane to support his weight as he gets on his feet at 8am. then he takes a bath in a tea cup, and dries himself off with a square of toilet paper. he proceeds to eat his breakfast: cockroach egg, scrambled, with a side of leaf, tall thimble of orange juice, and grain of sugar for dessert.

  14. brennan haley

    She needs a chair to jump up on before she shrieks.

  15. hbw

    Au contraire, baby. I think that you can’t resist ME.


    Usually I’m in but I couldn’t bring myself to click on the NSFW pic of him nude. He has a tongue like a parrot so it pained me to think what his junk resembles.

  17. Elle

    At first glance I thought he was a baby in a suit. No lie.

  18. adolf hitler

    Verne “THE DESTROYER” Troyer

  19. Did he get his pinkie ring from a Barbie?

  20. Double D

    Her va-jay-jay is so wonderful, it actually brought her tampon to life.

  21. adolf hitler

    i lost my penis. has anyone seen my penis? its about 2 feet tall. likes blonds. talks funny. works with mike myers. is an alcoholic.

  22. monkeyboy

    Too easy

  23. Bald, clean-shaven and in a slick pinstripe suit; I must say I approve. After all, it was about time for a change of style for the Travelocity Gnome.

  24. g-moonie

    “If my powerchair’ll fit up there, it’s on!”

  25. vlad

    Thought it was just a picture of her until I read the caption…then had to scroll down for a long time and then saw him…”oh, there he is”

  26. whiskeyafternoon

    I had never consciously considered the benefits of being a midget until just now.

  27. Amy

    Did that just fall out of her uterus?

  28. Sin

    He is looking for a ladder so he can tap that.

  29. Blech

    Being ostentatious to attract members… To attract the lad… To attract kneecaps.

  30. I’d pay $100 to watch a one-on-one match between him and Dinklage.

  31. When did Katie dye her hair blonde?

  32. Kat

    Didn’t see him at first, had to scroll down.

  33. “I fucked a baybee!”

  34. “I’ll just wait down here and catch the placenta.”

  35. TyroneBiggums


  36. Admiral Hackbar

    “I wonder if she would notice if I jumped right in there.”

  37. Throjo

    “Whadya say to a little fuck?”

  38. carrieann26

    It’s funny that I had to scroll down to find him in this picture…

  39. Lindsey, I think your clitoris just fell out.

    Oh wait…

  40. bdave

    He’s gonna have to go up on her.

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