1. whos rough daddy and what does he do?

    She should ask Sinbad whats his secret.

  2. It had to be said

    Let’s be honest. If her rack is bigger than her gut, she’s doing OK for herself.

  3. Colin

    And here I thought Baba Yaga was a myth.

  4. Shonzie

    OMG! Kill it with fire!

  5. Does that dress have stretch-marks?

  6. TomFrank

    Not pictured, in her right hand: the poison apple she made for Snow White.

  7. This photo should serve as a warning to Christina Hendricks.

  8. Cock Dr

    This is awful. Photo Boy hates us.

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    I thought it was bad when she killed “Cheers” – now my eyes and soul are dead from gazing at her. Damn it, Fish!

  10. Deacon Jones


  11. MrsWrong

    Yeah, thats what a size 4 looks like…a size 4 dress stretched within an inch of it’s life to fit a size 26

  12. adolf hitler

    the stripes on her dress exploded

  13. Shawn

    Behold! Viggo the Carpathian!

  14. brennan haley

    Oh crap, I’m turning to stone! Get her, Perseus!

  15. Phukaduck

    “Hay yapa no la, Solo?”


    Hurry up and vote her off so Ursula can sink back down in the sea!

  17. tlmck

    She’s think”Outa my way! I haven’t had food for 5 minutes!”

  18. That dress was an unfortunate choice…but then again so was that face.

  19. PaddyC

    Good god, is she holding Red Lobster condoms!

  20. Double D

    Coverfield II isn’t looking that good.

  21. Bucky Barnes

    Check out her neck, by any chance iis she planning to dance to Crocodile Rock?

  22. monkeyboy

    Emperor Palpatine in Drag?

  23. We’ve seen that look before. Hopefully the staff at Sizzler can refill the bacon tray fast enough this time.

  24. g-moonie

    If she’s a size “4″, then my dick is a size “fucking huge”.

  25. Codot

    Somewhere in LA, Ted Danson’s getting a little prettier.

  26. Lucifer

    She looks like Fergie in 30 years.

  27. whiskeyafternoon

    promo scene from the movie: When Drapes Attack!

  28. vlad

    foot undies?! She wears her underwear on her feet? Guess she can’t get them any higher

  29. Blech

    She’s a size-four in Speedo couture apparently.

  30. The vagina print between her boobs is actually the same size as the vagina between her legs.

  31. If you look closely at the rear view mirror, it says, “Warning! Objects in front of you are even LARGER than they appear.”

  32. Jovy

    You know you’re on the obese side when the figure of another woman is entirely shrouded by your frame.

  33. nooooooooooo

    Hey isn’t that your mom?
    “Yeah dude”
    Haha dude yo mama’s so… huuurrrgggghhh

  34. I always wondered what would happen if those twins from The Matrix merged into one. Neo help us!

  35. justuhbill

    Bill Cosby is gonna be pissed when he sees she’s stretched out one of his good sweaters…

  36. TyroneBiggums

    I thought Leona Helmsley was dead?

  37. shan danger

    she reminds me of what fat bastard looked like post liposuction.

  38. Jenny with a Y

    This, ladies and gentleman, is what years of cocaine, yo-yo dieting, and Scientology will do to a person.

  39. Steelerchick

    Boom boom

  40. If I was dancing cheek to cheek with her, and those neck folds hit me, I’d be seeing stars too.

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