1. It had to be said

    What’s Kevin Bacon doing in Pittsburgh?

  2. Hugh Jass

    Now she just needs to find a rope to tie that scarf to and a stool.

  3. Well, he’s a cute little chap.

  4. Seen here shopping for a glove with knives attached to it.

  5. Cock Dr

    Nice job obliterating all evidence of feminine gender. Way to go.

  6. Crabby Old Guy

    Matthew Broderick was doing what now?

  7. Deryn

    Didn’t want to stick with the pixie cut, eh, chicken?

  8. It’s sad that comparing the pop star to their closest appearing counterpart of the opposite sex has become the formula of choice for Le Superficial. While I may have chosen this post to complain on purely because I think Emma is tits, it is a far reaching problem, and it really isn’t that funny on repeat.

    • TomFrank

      Well, to be fair, it’s not Fish making those comparisons but the commenters. And I think a lot of them do it because they saw a couple make The Most Important People on the Internet and they want to get on there, too. Personally, I think movie references are the best way to go for that.

  9. brennan haley

    Emma, it’s “unraveliousa”, not “unravllyossa”.

  10. Put your phone away!


    Truman Capote lives!

  12. Bucky Barnes

    Looks like a Freddie Kruger casting call. Did she make the cut?

  13. I can’t wait until these goddamned hats and scarves are OVER. You know who looked cool wearing a hat? Sinatra and Run DMC. You know who else? NOBODY. And they sure as hell didn’t pair it with no gay-ass scarves.

  14. The shockwaves are still reverberating throughout the community of potato fetishists.

  15. Lita

    You spelled “Winona Ryder” wrong.

  16. fartbucket

    holy crap Pete Doherty is looking fantastic now.

  17. Sin

    What the hell is she doing in Pittrsburg?

  18. random

    She is apparently filming a movie that nobody is going to see because she is horribly unattractive without the curls, and the little kids won’t want to see her without scarface and the ginger by her side.

  19. Say hello to my little wand.

  20. Didn’t realize they were doing a remake of the Amazing Stories episode, “Go to the Head of the Class” with Emma Watson taking over for Christopher Lloyd. (Too obscure??)

  21. SteveG

    If I defend her honor on a gossip blog and she, by some miracle, actually reads my noble missive, will Hermione Granger realize her true love is a 40 yr old with 3 cats and a formidable grasp of the english language? Most probably.
    *cracks knuckles dramatically*

  22. castallare

    @lish What are you talking about? I think she’s doing a great Sam Ronson look here.

  23. Bieber will be all over him if he sys this pic of his.

  24. sys = sees (dont ask)

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