1. Looks like the central vacuuming caught another kleenex.

  2. Nice of Eric to let her wear his shoulder pads.

  3. LJ

    Who needs the degree from Yale, when I can spend the rest of my life living off the divorce settlement and boinking 20 year old model wanna be’s.

  4. Cock Dr

    Shoulder pads do not make you thinner.
    They make you look wider.
    Maybe not the best look for Ms Simpson.

    And the wedding date is……..???????

  5. baron of all media

    Did the Rapture happen? Because I must be in heaven if Jessica Simpson totally looks doable again.

  6. Polk

    Fat chick tree stump legs. And Jessica has a look of settling for some guy she’s really not into, but realizes she’s let herself go too much to ever land a Lachey or a Romo again.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Why does it look like she literally shit down her calves and feet?

  8. Any Guy

    F U G

  9. DeucePickle

    Thought she was with the tight end for the 49ers, not the singer for Coldplay


    Chaz Bono before the haircut.

  11. hbw

    Damnit, and I had almost forgotten about Spencer & Heidi…

  12. Was this picture photoshopped? His face looks like it was pasted on a different body, and her face looks like it was pasted on fatter.

  13. Just wait til she gains that weight back after the wedding. Enjoy it while you can, brother.

  14. Kudos to that photographer who jingled his keys in the air.

  15. tmfvaughan

    Why is she wearing my grandmothers coat?

  16. vlad

    Shoulder pads? Hell, she got Gaga shoulder implants!

  17. Lita

    Seriously, at first I thought this was Heidi and Spencer.

  18. Blech

    Jessica looks like she’s having a super-difficult time keeping that fart in…

  19. Jessica Simpson seen here being escorted out of a movie theatre by an usher after she tried to sneak in with a whole turkey in her purse.

  20. So basically what you’re telling me is I either need a pedo-stache, or a flesh colored beard to land a hot woman with big boobs??? (Fake or otherwise)… ain’t that some shit…

  21. chupacabra

    What is it with the cheap dallas tarts wearing short shorts? what’s up with that cabbage patch chubby face?

  22. Charmless Man


  23. Her head reminds me of a few of my old Barbies’ – the ones whose heads had gotten ripped off and then shoved back on too far down their necks.

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