1. Yeeeeah, Erin Go Br…! Wait.

  2. Hugh Jass

    Yeah I knew he was white.

  3. Since when has Sinbad been a ginger?

  4. Tanzarian

    I guess he held on to his money.

  5. MrsWrong

    What Rosie O’Donnell would look like if she just cleaned up a little

  6. bitch*please

    It’s cheetolicious!

  7. kara

    i have no clue who that is. you need to start putting captions on here


    Apparently I didn’t notice back in the 80′s that Sinbad was an albino.

  9. Sinbad is still alive too? Who the hell is dead then???

    and didn’t he used to be black?

  10. When did Amber Rose grow a goatee?

  11. Looks like the lineup is finally coming together for this year’s Lilith Fair.

  12. g-moonie

    Lindsay Lohan in 15 years.

  13. Codot

    We didn’t hate him enough when he was just black, so he makes himself ginger too?

  14. Lita

    Sinbad’s a ginger?!?!?!

  15. Sin

    Hey buddy, can I hold 8 Million dollars?

  16. Blech

    Sinbad looks the same… except for he’s red now.

  17. Sinbad proudly stands in front of his attempt to spell his own name.

  18. RIP Sinba…what? Alive? Really? No shit. Well, good…for…him.

  19. If you squint just a little, it looks like another Lohan upskirt.

  20. SteveG

    Blacker than Obama.

  21. Mil

    The White House released this new official portrait of President Barack Obama upon his return from Ireland.

  22. bk

    More like SinGreat, am I right?

  23. Shorty80

    Is he assuming a new identity as a ginger to evade paying those back taxes?

  24. Big_Mike

    A black ginger, very uncommon!

  25. Steelerchick

    When did he become orange?

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