1. it had to be said

    SPOILER ALERT! The secret is that Walter Mitty was regularly rogered by men while hanging from the ceiling.

  2. DeucePickle

    So now they’re remaking Mary Poppins with a roller blading Abe Lincoln ?

  3. Wait till Tom Cruise sees this picture and discovers who stole his big boy rig…

  4. Gay porn just gets weirder and weirder.

  5. “C’mon, asshole, where are you carrying the K-Y Jelly?”

  6. Puttin’ on the ritz only seems to get more difficult anymore.

  7. Frank The Duck

    “Ok, you can go. You were telling the truth that you are not a Kardashian even though that looks like a Gypsy beard…”

  8. bigalkie

    Looks like a winner. Where’s the oscar buzz?

  9. mbcl

    recreation of the first atomic wedgie.

  10. This movie looks like an exercise in douchebaggery.

  11. gfab

    50 Shades of Homosexuals on Wheels.

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