1. dontkillthemessenger

    The Voice of Reason in this pic is dressed like an escaped mental patient who just rummaged through a Salvation Army bin.

  2. it had to be said

    Ugh. When are the women going to show up?

  3. These two better hurry. Their space shuttle to the Sun is leaving soon.

  4. The Crap We Missed. Now packed with 8X more crazy than before.

  5. “Roseanne, I heard that leaking a sex tape gets you famous again. Let’s go for it. What do you say?”
    “I’ll never miss fame that much, Courtney.”

  6. Looks like the Mayans were right.

  7. nick

    Welcome to the 10th circle of Hell. Washed-out celebrities.

  8. Chupacabra

    That’s not evening with ladies – that’s an night with 2 old broads.

  9. Cock Dr

    Somehow this seems like an appropriate pairing.

  10. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Yahh you still think I got it doncha Johnny Depp?

  11. The saddest part of this photo is Courtney’s cockeyed boobs.

  12. Pretty much No. 1 and 2 on my list of woman I don’t want to see naked.

  13. Poster women for marriage equality.

  14. That photo does not smell good at all.

  15. There goes the theory about too much anti-matter in one place causing a nuclear reaction…

  16. Frank The Duck

    Does anyone else smell bacon?

  17. pretty shit-faced

    i can feel the heat coming off my monitor.
    as it melts.

  18. bigalkie

    Roseanne Barr gets a pep talk rom her lifecoach Courtney Love

  19. puddleduck

    An evening with women? More like a night from hell.

  20. Blech

    Kurt Cobain’s vengeance strikes again!

  21. bbiowa

    I thought we already saw the SAG awards.

  22. chachacherry

    Battle of the boobs….Rosanne is losing!

  23. tlmck

    I think the title of the event was supposed to be “An Evening With Ugly Women”.

  24. mbcl

    Now my eyes hurt !

  25. squishy

    “Who is your designer? I must have there name!!”

  26. Raaaaaaaa

    either Courtney severed off her thumb to use the blood for more “art”, or someone had it severed to prevent any more crazy tweets

  27. EricLr

    Somewhere there is a cabbie standing in an airport holding up a sign that says “Rehab” wondering where his passengers are, standing next to two female celebrities wondering what happened to their ride to “An Evening With Women.”

  28. BostonBruin

    Courtney looks sober.

  29. Franka

    “An evening with women in Beverly Hills;” When did the social elite of Beverly Hills start slumming with riff-raff?

  30. K-Tron

    “I though you were moderating the conspiracy theory message boards tonight!”
    “Nuh-uh! It’s your turn!”
    “I really hope Charlie Sheen’s still up.”

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