1. Cock Dr

    If the jewelry makes you break out in a rash that’s probably a good indication that it should be immediately taken off.
    Unless HE did that to her.

  2. Jc

    Why’d they Photoshop out the laser beams?

  3. I gave up my never ending stream of pussy for chest acne?!?

  4. “Must….give….snake…head…”

  5. Shit… She’s gonna be pissed when she finds out I banged Lohan and gave her that…

  6. Halflyng

    “Does anyone else see that shit movin???” – JT

  7. Rob

    Not pictured: Lance Bass bending over next to Jessica Biel

  8. farrellthib

    awe he’s not wearing his high intellect glasses

  9. omg. i- i recognize that chain- my anal beads chain!!
    what would george clooney do?

  10. Jenn

    Jay told me the poison on this necklace would be instantaneous. She’s just got a rash! The bitch is indestructible!

  11. Thought Bubble:
    “I know I vowed to love her until ‘death do us part.’ I just didn’t realize it would take this long…”

  12. When your wife is that hot, nobody can blame you for blatantly staring at her tits even though you have access to them whenever you want.

  13. Bitchdouche. or Douchebitch. Either way.

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