1. dontkillthemessenger

    Was that street fucked up before she walked on it?

  2. The gravity her body is creating is starting to swirl her purse around her.

  3. Are you sure that it’s not supposed to say Calabasas in Jessica Simpson?

  4. Calabasas? Are you sure you don’t mean Calcutta? Because that’s CLEARLY a photo fo the black hole of Calcutta!

  5. Cock Dr

    When’s the wedding? Gonna take a break between pregnancies and get it done?

  6. shes still too big, but looks a lot better this time around.

  7. Is she part of that Quiverfull movement? Who joins a cult just to get out of cardio?

  8. “Your move, KK.”

  9. Bill Clinton

    LOL. Wow.

  10. How many honey baked hams do you think she has in her purse?

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