1. DeucePickle

    I can’t believe people hire this chick to DJ their party after she’s been with Lohan. Aren’t they worried she’ll steal something?
    Oh, wait

  2. Bieber in 5 years. After his US citizenship comes through.

  3. Despite his enthusiasm, Aaron Carter’s Captain America audition failed to impress.

  4. The young version of Gary Busey.

  5. Douche says what?

  6. FullOfTerrors

    Looks like Joffrey is a bit early for the Westeros Halloween party.

  7. Well, there’s another flag needs to get burned right away, and then do the one that he is holding.

  8. I know some drag queens that would KILL for arms that svelte.

  9. The new Richard Simmons becomes even creepier when you realize he had to kill the old one and devour his soul.

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